Our Aussies

Twin Oaks Working Class Boe turning one around
Twin Oaks Cinnamon Sasha
DOB: 12-06-1998

Sadly to say Sasha passed in September 2010.  She was a once in a lifetime Aussie.  She is missed as we go about our daily activities.
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A wonderful reference to Australian Shepherds is the book 'All About Aussies Book' , by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor.  There are pictures of our dogs well known relatives in this informative Australian Shepherd book.
Twin Oaks Working Class Boe
DOB: 01-09-2000
 Gravenhof Farms
 "Home of your next herd sire"
Sweetgrass's Deal or No Deal  "Howie"
DOB: 01-09-2008
Double A Samantha
(daughter of Sasha and Boe)