These are homeraised,Purebred Angus steers or heifers (you can specify), that are usually 12-14 months of age when butchered and are fattened on Midwest corn making it some of the tastiest beef you will find!
Butchered Angus Beef

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How It Works
We sell Butchered Beef :    
Whole Beef     800-850#  hanging weight*
1/2 Beef (side of beef)     400-425#  hanging weight*
1/4 Beef  (split side-1/2 front and 1/2 rear quarter)
      200-215#  hanging weight*

*This weight is the hot carcass weight taken at the locker, it varies on a per animal basis due to differing sizes of the animals, but is usually fairly consistent with our cattle.  This weight is used to calculate value of the beef to be paid to Gravenhof Farms. This price is relative to the current cattle market.

V&M Locker, Leota Minnesota  1-507-443-5372

We deliver the animal to this local locker, with a great reputation, that guarantees the same animal packaged in your name to your specifications- such as steak thickness and number of steaks per package, as well as weight of  roasts and hamburger packages. 

You are responsible for Locker processing charges when you pick up your meat unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Processing usually costs vary from $180 and up for a 1/2 (side of Beef). This varies with the size of the animal and personal preference in packaging.

Here is a general breakdown of a 1/2 Beef:
Steaks cut 3/4" thick
Ribeyes        14-15 steaks
T-Bones        14-15 steaks
Sirloin     7 steaks
       Round St       18 (appr 1.5#ea)
Roasts in 3# packages
Arm roasts     4-5 roasts
Chuck roasts  8  roasts
Rolled roasts   6  roasts
Pot roasts2  roasts
Ribs  approx. 3# packages
Short ribs        2 packages
Texas ribs       1 package
      Hamburger Appox.  110# if no soup bones

In the end you have all your Beef from a single source,  the way you want it packaged, at an unbelievable price.  Your average price per pound of meat in your freezer will be equal to or less than premium hamburger at the local meat market!!

References available upon Request

Available from farm in Minnesota. We will not offer this in Montana at this time.

Call Ryan at 507-360-4704

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